So, this is where lots of florists would be writing about their life long love affair with flowers, and how they always knew they wanted to be a florist. And that, is absolutely brilliant...but that isn’t how my story goes!

I was an A* student throughout school and college, with big plans of working hard to become a lawyer, and that was the path that was all mapped out. In reality, I was struggling to go to college every day without feeling miserable. Being such a perfectionist, I put so much pressure on myself to be getting the highest grades, but was starting to panic inside when I realised that my “dream job” just wasn’t as appealing as it once was.

Rebecca's Story...



After much soul searching and even more hours of trawling the internet to

find something, anything to do other than what I was doing, I saw a Floristry NVQ listed at my local college. Now THAT was my lightbulb moment. I had seen a film a few months before that heavily featured a flower shop, and something just clicked inside me. After begging to be enrolled on the course (which had already started 2 weeks previously), and organising a work placement, my floristry journey began.


At aged 18 and a newly qualified florist, I opened the doors to my very own retail flower shop. What a whirlwind it was. On my very first day I took my first funeral order, and within a month had done my first wedding. Fast forward 8 years, and after deciding to close the retail side of the business due to being in such demand for weddings, I now specialise in just that.


By having owned and ran an extremely successful retail shop, and now operating as a wedding studio, I have a wealth of experience and stories from both sides of the floral spectrum and all it entails. I am so pleased to be able to pass on my tips and tricks for making your floral business, whichever path you steer it towards, a huge success.